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Planet of Origin: Unknown but their current place of residence is Asgard, a place situated in a wormhole network (of which Earth is part) englobing 9 worlds. Asgardians have developed the Bifrost technology enabling them to teleport themselves instantaneously to any of the 9 worlds using the subspace network of the wormhole.
Asgardians are a highly advanced humanoid species. Earth'sNorsemen and Germanic tribes used to worship the Asgardians nearly a millennium ago. Even though certain Gods are still interested in humanity such as Thor, the Asgardians do not have any more active worshippers or seek to have any. Asgardian flesh and bone is about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to the Asgardians superhuman strength and weight. An average male god can lift up to 30 tons while an average female can lift up to 25 tons, but there are those that exceed these specifications. They  are also gifted with extremely long life, but are not immortal. They are also immune to all terrestrial diseases and are highly resistant to conventional forms of injury. The metabolism of the Asgardians gives them superhuman endurance in all physical activities. Their close genetic and morphologic resemblance with humans leads to believe that those two species, along with the other ones of the the 9 realms could be of a same origin.
Asgardians residing on theworld of Vanaheim are refered to as Vanir while the ones residing in Asgard itself are refered to as Aesir.
The other species of the 9 realms are:
  • The Dwarves: Dwarves are small and stocky with an average height of 4 feet. Dwarves live in Nidavellir and maintain peaceful relations with the Gods. They tend to be either craftsmen or farmers and have created weapons for use by the Gods such as Mjolnir and the spear, Gungnir.

  • The Elves: The two types of elves that inhabit the land are the Light Elves and the Dark Elves. The Light Elves live in Alfheim while the Dark Elves live underground in Svartalfheim. Both species are similar in the respect that their body types can differ greatly in size anywhere from 4 feet to 8 feet, and have proportionally long limbs. Light Elves have lighter skin tones while Dark Elves are darker.

  • The Demons lives in the realm of Muspelheim. Demons are similar in size to the Gods, but are engulfed in fire. They tend to be nomads but will travel into other dimensions for the purpose of war. All Demons are the offspring of the fire demon who is said to be older than asgaridn culture, Surtur.

  • The Giants: the Giants live on Jotunheim. They are also humanoid, but are more Neanderthal-like in body structure. They are the traditional enemies of the asgardians with whom they fought a millenia-long war that ended in 965 after they tried to settle on Earth. They were repelled to their homeworld, which was devastated and left without means to travel using the Bifrost network. Most stand up to 20 feet tall, but some can reach 30 feet. Giants usually lead a hunter/gatherer type of life, but will war with the asgardians on occasion because they are jealous of their superior abilities. The first of the Giants was the Ice Giant, Ymir, who existed before any of the Asgardians. Many different races of Giants arose in Jotunheim, including the Ice, Mountain, Rime, Storm, and Frost Giants. The Frost Giants are the direct descendants of Ymir. The Giant Laufey was another monarch who lost the war  against the Asgardians; In tribute to Laufey's courage and to try to seal a peace treaty with tthe giants, the asgardian king Odin adopted the giant's infant son Loki. Two other giants of note were Fafnir II and Fasolt (both deceased), who built Odin's palace in Valhalla in exchange for a Goddess, and battled over a magic ring and treasure that was given for the Goddess being released. Giants have also been known to reproduce half-breeds that look like asgardians.

  • The Trolls: Trolls are massive creatures covered in hair with an orange skin tone. They average in at 7 feet, and they live in settlements scattered throughout the land. The trolls are incredibly strong, surpassing the strength of the asgardians, and puts them on similar ground with the Giants.Thor. Trolls usually work as miners and metal workers.
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