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Planet of Origin: Unknown. Given the decrepit appearance of their ships and equipment, it's possible that the aliens that come to Earth in 2011 may not be part of the dominant force in their homeland and may be looking for a new home planet, possibly due to their old home being uninhabitable because of warfare or some other cataclysm. This would explain their War of the Worlds-esque landing method, as well as their relatively low level of technological advancement for a spacefaring civilization. It is theorized  that they are invading for Earth's liquid water.
Description: The Battle: Los Angeles Aliens (often refered to as Blaa) are an aggressive advanced spacefaring caste-based bipedal carbone-based organic species practicing heavy cybertransplant on themselves.They are divided in castes, easily recognisable by their morphological specificities and the nature of their implants. 
Four warrior castes are known to exist.The warriors are highly developed bipeds with four fingers hands among which are opposable thumbs. They sport redundant arteries and other blood vessels. Their heads are actually entirely sensory organs. Their brains are located in a cavity behind their hearts, directly attached to the spine. They have large numbers of stem cells and platelets, enabling them to regenerate whole limbs that may be lost in combat, while their hardened exoskeleton allows them to take heavy damage before being too injured to continue fighting. All warriors have substantial amounts of machinery implanted into their bodies, including communication, cooling, and weapons systems. Their perception is also very acute, supplementing their precognitive and retrocognitive abilities. 

Infantry CasteEdit Blaa Infantry Caste section: The Infantry Caste can be identified by weapons grafted onto each arm where grasping hands would be. Their average height is about 8'1". While they are taller than humans, they are proportionately thinner. All of their vital organs are concentrated behind layers of muscle and arteries in the right of their chests. A cooling system is also integrated into their body, with a heat-dispersing fan located in front of their organs. Unlike many of the other castes, they do not have as much machinery located on their back.

Officer CasteEdit Blaa Officer Caste section: The Officer Caste is the easiest caste to differentiate from the rest, identifiable by their slender build and four mechanical legs replacing their biological ones, which enable them to move at speeds of up to 40kph/24.8mph with relative ease. They are also the tallest caste with an average height of 9'4". The Officers are specialized in commanding groups of infantry, augmented by an unusually large, well-developed brain and very keen eyesight which has been supplemented with additional electronics. The Officer caste have the most substantial amount of cybernetic enhancements. As their legs have been wholly replaced, they are able . Their right arm has an implanted weapons system that trades firepower for accuracy, while their left grasping hand has been replaced by a mechanical claw. 

Operations CasteEdit Blaa Operations Caste section: The Operations Caste share many similarities with the General Infantry Caste, with a few notable exceptions. The Operations average about 6'11". The special forces appear to be a more intelligent Infantry soldier, expected to undertake specialized goals beyond that of simple shock troops. They also appear to be a middling caste, lacking the firepower of the Infantry and the intelligence of the Officer. Unlike the officer and infantry castes, the Operations have retained their left grasping hand and are able to make use of hand signals. Their weapons systems sport greater accuracy than those of the general infantry, but a less-powerful grenade launcher.

Intelligence Caste: The Intelligence Caste is likely specialized in their namesake, gathering information and laying down lines of communication. Averaging about 5'10", the Intelligence caste are the shortest and stockiest of all known warrior castes. Unlike all other warrior castes, the Intelligence Caste lacks any integrated weapons systems. However, they retain the large amount of cooling and communications machinery grafted to their backs. The lack of weaponry is made up for by their ability to utilize both grasping hands, which they use to operate machinery and vehicles, such as driving ground artillery platforms and operating walking guns. 

Water Extractot

The full extent of their space-faring capabilities is not known. Most of their light weaponry uses projectiles, but they also use heavy energy weaponry. Although the known vehicles make use of different forms of propulsion, such as walkers and hovercrafts, none are wheeled. All are oriented toward greater mobility, at the cost of armor and therfore, the protection of the users. The have intensive use of cybernetic implants and replacement of actual body parts and do some genetic engineering to increase efficiency of castes,An extreme case of such engineering is the Water Extractor, a specialized alien, used as biological pump that is used to move massive amounts of water quickly, growing as large as 100 feet in height. The Extractor's organs have been greatly reduced and compacted, leaving only organs that are vital to life functions. Extractors are highly intelligent and use an advanced form of communication to coordinate their actions for maximum efficiency. The extractors are deployed along with the initial invasion force, landing off-shore and using modified tentacles to quickly pull water from the surrounding environment. 

The aliens  launched a surprise invasion on Earth, most likely motivated by a need for a new home or colony on the 12th of August, 2011. Originally mistaken by the Humans to be clusters of meteors, their  spacecraft landed off the coastal shorelines of twelve of the world's major population centers. Their ground forces subsequently attack many of Earth's major cities, including Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. Their aircrafts eventually arrive and appear to easily take control of the air above the cities  from the human Air Force. Besides their ground and large air forces, they deployed a sort of command center controlling unmanned flying drones. In Los Angeles, within a few days, the drones  pushed most of the U.S. military force out of the city, killing thousands during the engagements but a squad of Marines  able to destroy the command center, disabling all of the drones and depriving them of their air assets. These Marines later retreat back to a command post, and join up with thousands of reinforcements ready to try and take back Los Angeles from the invaders. 

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