lundi 2 janvier 2012


Planet of Origin: Fourth planet orbiting the B1 start Beta Centauri, 500 light years from Earth. An earth-type planet with lush vegetation.
The Centaurians are hairless blue skinned humanoids with, two eyes, two arms with hands that five fingers with and opposable thumb, two legs that are connected to feet that have five toes. Adults have large red fin from the the back of the pelvis to the front of their forehead.  Some are known to have developed psychic powers.
They have developed a tribal, pre-industrial civilisation, using bows and arrows.  The Centaurians are broken of into two sects depending on their beliefs. The first sect is the Habaktu, they are followers of the Circle of Life, which is their people's holy path and is guided by sharing a oneness with the deity Anthos. The second sect is known as the Akuun, those without faith.
SOurce: Marvel Universe, First appeares in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (January, 1969)

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