mardi 10 janvier 2012


Planet of Oirign:  Ktynga (or Norby's comet) a bluish comet that is currently near the star Arcturus. The comet is unusually hot and has strange properties, such as the ability to travel faster than light.
On the surface of the comet is a huge building wherein dwells the being Fthaggua and his servants, the fire vampires. Fthaggua and his minions can guide the comet to travel between the stars, searching for intelligent civilizations to feed upon and will visit the solar system four centuries from now.
The Fire Vampires are a gestalt non-corporeal species that resemble crimson bursts of lightning. They gain sustenance by draining energy from intelligent beings; the subject so affected bursts into flames as if experiencing spontaneous combustion. The fire vampires also absorb all memories from the targeted victim. Since the minds of the fire vampires form a collective "hive mind", all knowledge gleaned from a slain being is shared by every member.
Fire Vampire have a queen/regent entity which they serve and which is  refered to as Fthaggua. Fthaggua appears as an unsteady orb of blue flame. He is the high priest of Cthugha. Like his minions, gains energy and knowledge from the intelligent creatures they slay. With the knowledge so accumulated, Fthaggua and his minions can better plot their attacks on the sentient races of the universe, whom they regard as mere sources of food.
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