mardi 22 janvier 2013


Planet of origin: it i never clearly stated if th Martian Barbapapa are originary from Mars as it is never clearly stated if the Barbapapa family found on Earth is originary from our planet. In both cases, it is indeed their home.
Martian Barbapapa look a lot like their earthly cousins, being sentient  highly malleable organic vaguely sluglike organism are to mimic on sight almost any shape they see even very complex mechanical contraptions such as ailsnes, submarines and such, or even to create original forms dedicated to specialised uses. They can live in almost any type of environments, demonstrate extraordinary learning capacities, being able to invent complex machinery, from sailboats to interplanetary spaceships, and possess uncanny empathy with all forms of life, being able to domesticate most animals upon contact.
Contrarily to their earthbound counterparts which come in all colors of the spectrum, martian barbapapas are black and white, either striped or dotted, and sport a pair o small antennas coming out of their forehead. Their social structure is based on a tightly knit familial structure. They live in deep martian canyons that they'veturned into gardens.
Source: Barbapspa on Mars, by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.

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