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Planet or Origin: Voga / Planet of Gold / Neo Phobos
Vogans  are grey skinned sentient humanoids with  deep-set eyes and protruding facial features on a large domed head with some scarce white hair on its backside and jaw. From observations, no sexually differenciation is apparent and reproduction methodes are unknown. Despite a surprisingly simple technology, such as motor-boats and projectile weapons, Vogans were in contact with offworlders - mainly for commercial and defensive reasons, as their planet contained unimaginable of gold, they were harassed during the war against the Cybermen in the 26th century. 
There planet's gold was used to create glitterguns which could kill Cybermen. In order to stop this, the Cybermen attempted to destroy Voga, they failed but the planet was nevertheless blasted into space. This forced the Vogans to move underground and set up a troglodyte isolationist regime. After floating in space for over 300 years, Voga was captured by Jupiter's pull. Shortly after this, the humans rediscovered Voga and put the Nerva Beacon in its orbit. 50 years later, the Cybermen learned of its whereabouts  and tried against to destroy it still to no avail. 
The Vogan are led by a High Council, which was in turn led by a President or Chief Counciller. The Council had their own militia, which defended the centre of the planet. The Vogan Guilds were represented by the Guardians, who protected the mining galleries and the surface of the planet. The High Council were in favour of the isolationist policy, while the Guardians believed that the Vogans should rejoin the rest of the galaxy. This schism caused a minor civil war, which happened to have occurred when the Cybermen tried to destroy it for the second time.
By the 40th century, Voga had been long since abandoned and was nothing more than a lifeless asteroid.
Source: Doctor Who Universe, (DWN: Revenge of the Cybermen, (EDA: Father Time),  (NSA: Night of the Humans

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