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Planet of Origin: (most presumably) Earth. Planet of residence (in the far future): Kroona, a planet orbiting Alpha Eridani (Achernar), some 139 light years from Earth.
The Kroon are a sentient blue skinned humanoid species that will live on Kroona at some point in the future and which has developed an peaceful  advanced space faring technological civilisation with limited space time technology. They are fascinated by galactic history and exobiology and have studied many alien species, among which:
  • The Oruls of Zool
  • The Gaar of Garia
  • The Zimimoum of Vigal
  • The Buu of Gunn
 Despite their science, they know nothing of their origins, although they seem conscient somehow not being originary of their present homeworld. To that end, they developed the Retror technology, able to scan time and space. Using it, they were able to track down their oldest ancestor, a Smurf (schtroumpf), a small blue skin creature that lived during the middle-ages in the remote areas of the Europe region of Earth, a planet orbiting the G3 star Sol. How they came to move to Achernar and evolve into Kroons remain unknown.
They are known to have kept throughout the ages some clothing trends, i.e. pants, shoes and hats of a white color for the majority and of a red color for the leaders.
Source: Spirou Magazine issue 1973, 1975, pp91-92. in the short story "L'ancètre" (The Ancestor), by Michel Pierret and Francis Carin. Note: This story is based on the Smurfs character created by Peyo. Although it figures in the same media as the Smurfs, its canonicity in the official Smurf franchise remains debattable. Given the rarity of this story, which has to our knowledge, never been republished, it nevertheless remains, by the incredible amount of visual and text informations it delivers in the two pages it lasts, a very cool piece of pop culture. Thanks to the authors!

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