mercredi 6 février 2013


Planet of Origin: Vigal, in the Milky Way galaxy
Zikimoun are an aggressive warlike amphibian species living in the oceans of Vigal. They look remotely like feathreless and headless chicken with long spiked claws. They posssess two mouth, one at the top of their neck, barbed with spiked, which can extend a long prehensile tongue and a larger one on their chest, whihc sports sharp teeths and a pair of spiked like their arms and legs. Their chest is aslo where their eyes and nostrils are located.
They have been studied by the Kroons.
Source: Spirou Magazine issue 1973, 1975, pp91-92. in the short story "L'ancètre" (The Ancestor), by Michel Pierret and Francis Carin. Note: This story is based on the Smurfs character created by Peyo. Although it figures in the same media as the Smurfs, its canonicity in the official Smurf franchise remains debattable. Given the rarity of this story, which has to our knowledge, never been republished, it nevertheless remains, by the incredible amount of visual and text informations it delivers in the two pages it lasts, a very cool piece of pop culture. Thanks to the authors!

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