dimanche 28 septembre 2014


Planet of Origin: Bynaus, a planet oribiting the star Beta Magellan, in the Milkty Way galaxy within a 1000 light years of Earth.
The Bynars are a species os short genderless sentient humanoids with lilac skin and enlarged skulls. They have a patch of dark purple hair on both sides of their neck and asymmetrical ears. They work and live in pairs, usually with a matching asymetries to equate to a symetry. Their primary language consists of high-frequency sounds, unintelligible to humans but they are able to change frequencies down to communicate with other species.
They developed a technologically advanced civilisation in such a way that at birth, each bynar's parietal lobe is surgically removed and replaced by a synaptic processor taht allows them to connect directly to a central master computer they built on their homeworld. Every Bynar is equipped with a buffer, carried at their waist, to help them manage the  rate of information they send and receive.
In 2364, due to a nearby star going nova, they were temporarily forced to shut down their computer which caused a planetwide black out.
Source: Star Trek universe, (TNG: "11001001"). (ENT: "Regeneration"), created by Robert Lewin and Maurice Hurley.

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