lundi 22 septembre 2014


Planet of Origin: Zykaria
Zykarians are two species living in symbiosis, one being looks much like a humanoid headless body, the other, much like a human head. The body by itslef seems to have limited initiative, most of the thinking for both being done by the head being, which in exchange, rely the body for locomotion, prehension, protection and sustainance. It is important to note that the head needs the help of the body to disengage itself from the ladder.
Zykarians have been known to ingest food by the mouth, which leads to believe that the head is a channel to get nutriments in the body who is in charge of digestion. If it is the only channel remains unknown.
No Zykarian females has been seen by members of other species and their existence in fact remains a big point of interrogation although, while the Zykarian reproductive cycle is unknown, it has been reported that some individulas have displayed some levels of attraction to females of other species such as humans.
Zykarians have developed an advanced technological space faring if somewhat secretive civilisation as of the 25th century with occasionnal contacts with Earth.
Source: Buck Rogers in the 25th century TV series, season 2,  Journey to Oasis

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