mercredi 2 novembre 2011


Planet of Origin: Original planet unknown. After it underwent a critical greenhouse effect some 2000 years ago. Three quarter of the population left in space arks and relocated on the First of the two moons of planet Aktarka, orbiting a G star in the Milky Way. A minority of Galaxians stayed on their homeworld but all contact was lost with the exilees.
The Galaxians are a pacific, even  friendly, species of one meter tall humanoids that have developed an advanced but ot expansive interstellar space-faring civilisation. Their skin was originally of a light orangeish color, but after their planet was exposed to heavier sun exposition, they slowly turned s to black over generations. Those who relocated to Aktarka's moon turned to green skin. All quite ressemble bald teddy bears. A minority, mainly among females, have been known to develop psychic powers.
Galaxian society is very democratic, one with a constant )sometimes even daily) exchange of social tasks even in the sharing of tasks. The annual head of state is called the Prince-of-the-Year and is the Galaxian who received the most merit points over the past year.
Over him is the Council of Elders which is made up of five Galaxian patriarchs which seems to be an half-honorific title for those chosen as they dont always seem to have much credit given to them.  The younger Galaxians are quite aware of their elders deficiencies and often take them half-serously. 
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Walt

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