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Planet of Origin:  Kakaranathara (Aka Maklu IV), the fourth planet orbiting the star Maklu in the Milky Way galaxy.
Makluans are a reptilians species which has developed a highly advanced and peaceful democratic interstellar space faring society. 
A Makluan spaceship crashlanded in ancient China. Makluans are said to have been seen on Earth at the time as far as Camelot around the same time, and possibly other places as well. Makluans's  shapeshifting abilities made them able to walk among men without being recognised.
Makluans can function both as biped and quadruped; with green skin that average 32' in height when upright, reptilian scales, dragon-like wings, an elongated neck with rows of spikes running down the spine & tail, antennae, fan-like earlobes & clawed hands & feet. Their metabolism grants them rapid healing & the ability to regenerate certain of their body parts, entering a hibernationary state to accomplish this. Makluans are able to survive in the vacuum of space or under water for extended periods. Their lifespan is counted in centuries.Their wings endow them with flight capabilities under the speed of sound. They exhibit limited telepathy and  have natural shape-shifting abilities which allow them to assume a multitude of forms, able to alter not only their physical appearence but also their size, weight & mass by many orders of magnitude. If these polymorphic abiliites are inherent ot the species or has been artificially acquired s is unknown but it has been observed that individuals are able to transfer their life essence into the body of another living entity in case of death or serious injury; having done so, they are often able to transform the possessed body into their true form via their shape-shifting abilities. They can also exhale a corrosive chemical mist from their mouth, resembling fire, with varying degrees of intensity & accuracy.
Known individuals:  Fin Fang Foom, Axonn-Karr (who gave power rings to the Mandarin)
Source: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in  Strange Tales (vol.1) #89 (1961) and further developed in  Tales of Suspense #62 (Feb 1965) with the help of Don Heck. See also  New Excalibur #12

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