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Planet of Origin: Scaran Homeworld, in the Milky Way galaxy
Scarrans have developed a technolgically advanced agressive and expansive space-faring civilisation that goes back more than 12 000 years. Bipedal sexuate reptilian species with a humanoid body structure and skin ranging from pale white to dark gray in skin colour. They thrives in heat. In cold temperatures, their body heat drops rapidly. The species is split into two classes - the ruling caste and the soldier class.The head for the ruling caste and upper class appears to be flatter in shape, with well formed humanoid mouth, eyes, nose and chin while the head on the lower class is more horse-like in shape, with a protruding mouth, less developed eyes and slits instead of nostrils, with little or no nose potrusion. They are capable of huge amounts of brute strength. Their thick skin makes them impervious to small arms, though explosives in bodily orifices has proven fatal. This, coupled with  the razor-sharp claws on the Scarrans' hands, makes them formidable in combat.Still, Their main weapon is their natural heat projection. In this, Scarrans are able to blast large amounts of heat from their hands, redirected from their bodies.
Their main weakness is their dependency to strelitzia flower or the "bird of paradise flower" (as can be found on Earth) which they must keep consuming in order to maintain their high intelligence and remain intellectually competitive with other sentient races such as humans. They will only expand on planets capable of growing the crystherium plant. It is believed that it is this plant that mutates a Scarran's features, creating the distinction between upper and lower caste Scarrans. Naturally, the upper caste Scarrans would consume more of the plant, as it is also one of the race's delicacies.
The Scarran race is intensely interested in genetics, trying to splice DNA from other species into their own.
They have also mastered the art of creating replicas of people, known as bioroids. While being programmed, These replicas can carry only the memories of the original subject.
The scarans were onceat war with the sebaceans but the eidelons managed to put an eand to it. This truce held as long as the Eidelons were there but fell apart after their disappearance. Lack of knowldege of the adversary prevented an all out war but left the two warring factions in a stateo f cold war.
The Scarrans control at least two other species. The Charrids, used as grunt soldiers, and the Kalish (a sebascean sub-species)  as technicians. While the Charrids do not seem to mind being under the thumb of the Scarrans, the Kalish dislike it. As of the beginning of the 3rd millenium,  Kalish resistance has been formed, though its objectives and how they will obtain them are unclear.
The Scarrans have an imperial system and a body of government known as The Hierarchy, to which even the Emperor has to answer to and be judged by. 
Source: Farscape universe

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