samedi 8 mars 2014


Planet of origin: Ro-world
Ro-men are humanoids who developed an advanced spacefaring totalitaristic civilisation which, despite claiming to be coldly logical, often exhibits brutish and flawed behaviors.
Because of their name, the Ro-men are believed to be at least partly cybernetic, but this remains undocumented. Physically, they appear like 2 meters tall humanoid with a body ressembling that of a fully bipedal gorilla with a spacesuit helmet. It is unlnown if their furry body is their natural one, part of a suit or whatever else and if what looks like an helmet is actually one.
Under the management of a Ro-Men designed as the Great Guidance, they are known to send agents by teleporters to planets they wish to conquer to perform the extermination of the dominant species. Such an attempt is thought to have been tried in the 1950ies on Earth but somehow failed, maybe due to the premonitory dream of a human boy who foresaw the whole invasion as it might have occured.
They possess incredible technologies (shown on the pictures next to the alien) such as:
  • Interstellar range teleporters they use for instantaneous travel to other worlds
  • Interstellar comunications devices, they use to communicate with agents on other worlds, 
  • The calcinator ray , a discriminative weapon able to eradicate a given type of lifeform on a planetary scale,
  • The Cosmic Q-Waves, a timescooping device able to bring creatures from the distant past in the present (such as dinosaurs)
  • The Cyclotronic vibratior does cyclotronic vibrations which can supposedly smash a planet out of the universe but which can also create violent earthquakes on a global scale.
Source: Robot Monster, by Wyott Ordung and Phil Tucker

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