vendredi 14 mars 2014


"There's only one on Earth. They're nine altogether. The other eight are still on Venus. They're the sole survivors of a race that was born too soon. It developed in the eruptions and the boiling gases of Venus, a planet that won't catch up to Earth in perhaps a million years in climate."
―Dr. Tom Anderson
It remains unclear if the so-called venusians are indeed coming from the planet Venus as the only source we have on the subject is Dr Tom Anderson who was lied to abondantly by the creature. As of the mid 20th century they are practically extinct, with only nine remaining individuals, one of which, after having established radio contact with Anderson,convinced him of its benevolent intentions,  hijacked an Earth satellite to land on the planet in an attempt to conquer it with the scientist's help. Anderson believed that the alien, with its mind control abilities  would make humans emotionless, and therefore free them from war and misery. 
The creatures are ruthless and highly intelligent and have developed an advanced civilisation which is now extinct. They are the shape of a cone separated in eight soft ridges going from their top to their bottom, and at the base of which stick out six short frills or tendrils per ridge which likely aid in locomotion. On each side of their body come out two arms with crab-like pincer hands come out. They have a caricatural face on its front with a large mouth filled with sharp pointy teeth, the canines being tusk-like, deep set eyes and a embryonary nose. At the top of their body protrude a pair of short horns or antennae with which they can communicate with the small, manta-ray like flying probe creatures they can release from the base of their bodies. These flying organisms seek targets and bite them on the neck, releasing a small spike that allows the Venusian to control the victims' nervous centers from distance. Apart from their mind control abilities, the Venusians also have the ability to neutralise most types of technological devices within a large area around them.
Source:  It Conquered the World (1956) by Roger Corman

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