lundi 10 mars 2014


The saucer men are a green skinned humanoid species which developed a space faring civilisation. With have shorter limbs than humans but heads about four times the size of that of a human for, they stand at a height of about four feet. They have pointy ears huge bulgeous eyes about size of a fist and heavy lipped wide mouth with sharp pointy teeth. Huge veins are apparent through their skin. 
They are very light sensitive as sudde exposure to bright violent lights can not only blind them but cause them extreme pain as blood rushes toward their eyes which, brought to extreme levels can cause their death due to hemorragical explosions.
Their hands have four long fingers equipped with retractable needle-like hollow claws which can inject hugh doses of pure alcohol, enough to kill subjects as large as cattle and have an additionnal eye on their backs. As these hands are also detachable and able to move around and make rational decisions even after their owner's death, it remains unknown if the aliens are able to transfer at least part of their consciousness in them as some sort of lifeboat or even if the hands are distinct entities which operates in symbiosis with their user.
The Saucer Men are known to have briefly visited Earth's eastern coast of northern America, near Hicksburg, during a June night of 1957 but their visit ended up in disaster with the death of the whole party.
Source: Invasion of the Saucer Men (also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures, working title - Spacemen Saturday Night) is a 1957 sci-fi comedy filmby Edward Cahn, written by Paul W. Fairman (original story), Robert J. Gurney Jr. and Al Martin

The needle-like claws of the alien extended.

The severed hand moving on its own.

 The alien's spaceship 



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