lundi 7 mai 2007


Planet of origin: destroyed

The Baltans (or Baltan-Seijins) are microscopic creatures who developed space travel as a mena to escape their world when it was destroyed while they were doing some nuclear testings. Aboard their ark spaceship, 60 600 000 000 Baltans came to the planet Earth in 1967, when they experienced trouble with their spacecraft’s engines. After searching for components to repair their ship at a Japanese science facility for a while, they decided to claim Earth as their own. They can unite to form larger versions of themselves up to 50 meters tall (for a weight or 35 000 tons). Under their giant form, they were destroyed, along with their ship, by an Ultran agent stationed on the planet.

The Baltans can fire either an explosive white beam or a repelling red beam from their giant claws. They can also project multiple projections of themselves in the mind of their opponents and hypnotize or possess human beings and use them as translators for communication. By disassembling, large Baltans can teleport over short distances, rearrange into a undamaged formation when they suffer enough damage and fuse and defuse into one of more larger or smaller sized Baltan form.

Source: Ultraman (1967)

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