samedi 19 mai 2007


Keema are humanoid aliens who developped a spacefaring civilisation. Toward the end of the twentieth century, they were at war with the Zedams. Pink skinned, Keema have enormous heads and hands with the rest of their body of similar propotions to that of humans. Anatomically highly asymetrical, they appear subject to genetical malformations which are possibly side effects of the war they're engaged in. The only recorded contact of a Keema with mankind was with a family of space explorers stranded on an alien planet where the Keema leader was to meet the Zedam leader in a duel whose winner would win the war. From the sayings of the Keema leader, though, it was clear that he knew much about Earth's culture before meeting the explorers. Keema are able change their appearance but the nature of this ability is not known, although, as Zedams can do the same, it is probable that this is the result's of each culture mimicking the discoveries of the other to better thwart them.  
Source: Lost in Space, The Golden Man (The term Keema is used in the episode to designate the Keema leader. It might not be the species' real name).

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Quelle belle collections de Martiens!! Bravo Ghislain. Je me demande si l'Homme de Fifine est un alien? LOL

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