lundi 7 mai 2007


A space faring civilisation from a system not too far from Earth. Grey colored, Virans somewhat resemble six tentacled squids that are able to stand up right and walk on the ground. They have head with a pair of foreword-facing eyes, an owl-like beak and three additional tentacles with razor sharp points sprouting from their head. Amphibious by nature, they can breathe as well in Earth's atmosphere as underwater. As a special defense, If need be, Virasn have the uncommon ability, when a group gathers for that purpose, to fuse together into a larger version of themselves. The limitations of that fusion are not known but fused virasn have been known to be as tall as 50 meters high. They can also clasp together and stiffen their head tentacles into a solid, razor sharp point.
Virans have the abilities, acquired on innate, to merge together into a giant specimen.
Viras civilisation made two unsuccessful attempts at invading Earth in 1968. It is their only known recorded contact with mankind.
Source: Gamera vs. Viras (ガメラ対宇宙怪獣バイラス, Gamera tai Uchu Kaijū Bairasu?, Gamera Versus Space Monster Viras)

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