samedi 5 mai 2007


Planet of origin: Zhabar

Reptilian humanoid species. They are hermaphrodites and have a green scaly skin and thick skull bones. A pouch in one of their armpits is where their reproductive area is located.

They developed an interstellar civilisation roughly at the same time as mankind. Very fervent traiditonnalists, their whole civilisation enters a ceremonial civil war state every six years. Allegiance of each individual is decided arbitrarily by choosing a coloured sash, green or purple, which is then worn around the torso and take part in a series of usually non-lethal contests. As ancient Drazi used to live outdoors, only sleeping inside at night. Drazi houses are constructed with large balconies and small interiors. City streets are narrow and labyrinthic, reflecting their long history of warfare.

Contact between the Drazi and manking happens in the future. In the 23rd century they become members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and then of the Interstellar Alliance

Source: Babylon 5 (J. Micheal Straszinsky)

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