mercredi 6 juin 2007


Planet of origin: Deamon

Daemonites are reptilian aliens. Unable to survive on most planets whose biosphere differs from theirs, They developed the ability to merge with a host which they possess in order to survive. In good coniditons, they can survive for millennia are are capable of regenerating missing limbs and quickly recover from serious injuries. While keeping their host body under control, they still can return to their true for a short period of time. The appearance of this true form varies with individuals but all have long sharp claws and teeth, a hunched posture and dark green skin.

They develloped interstellar travel thousands of years ago. Their ability to possess other species helped them to survive in almost any environment and they settled on several worlds until they met the Kherubim and started a war against them which raged for millenias and ended toward the end of the 20th century with the Kherubim’s victory. The latter imposed heavy war reparations on the Deamonites which litteraly broke the remnants of their society.

While other species have only been exposed to the military factions of the Deamonite society, peaceful civilians also exist. They possess a ritual where they possess other of their kind. This allows transfer of memories, emotions and knowledge among themselves and the forgeing of a strong bonds.

A Daemonite vessel fought a Kherubim vessel near Earth, thousands of years ago. Both spaceships were damaged and crashlanded on Earth. The Daemonites decided use its population as host bodies and the Kherubim decided to stop them.

Source: Jim Lee, WildC.A.Ts #1 (1992) and later.

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