vendredi 8 juin 2007


Planet of Origin: Kyanbel
Kyanbels are white skinned humanoids who developped a highly advanced space faring imperial civilisation
Politics: Kyanbel has been under a monarchic regime for more than 20 000 years. The dominant ideology has varied throguh time between expansionnist views, according to which the Kyanbel should use their advance technology to conquer other worlds and submit other civilisations to their whim, and more idealistic views of cooperation and limited intervention in the the affairs of other worlds.
History: Kyanbel were already travelling trhough space 20 000 years ago. They warred against the SIgmans and imprisonned one fo them in suspended animation in Earth's Pacific Ocean. Their expansionnist views stopped some time after that. Some 10 000 years ago, Oreana, one of their best scientist with expansionnist ideas transfered her consciousness into huge statue-like machine and left with her followers. She settled on Earth and remained there for thousands of years. After her departure, the empire seems to have somewhat stagnated technologically as the planet entered a millenia period of social turmoil between expansionnist dissidents and the non-expansionnist ruling class. This would eventually lead to the overthrow of the Kyanbel King Deus and the coming on the throne of Queen Janera in the beginning of the 21st century. Janera contacted Oreana to tell her her views finally had triumphed. Oreana tried to take over Earth but was destroyed in 2013. Janera came to Earth to take over the operation herself, only to be also thwarted by the earthlings. Reparation was then offered by the Kyanbel's true authority when they overruled Janera in 2014.
Source: Tadao Nagahama, Combattler V

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