mercredi 6 juin 2007


Planet of origin: Unknown /Planet of adoption: Khera

Kherubim resemble humans in appearance, they are physically far stronger, resistant and long-lived, but almost infertile. Their vocal cords are highly developed allowing a far wider range of tones than is possible for a human being. A few of them have displayed the ability to manipulate energy and other psionic powers while others have been known be able to shapeshift bu turning their bodies into a mercury-like substance.

Thousands of years ago, the Kherubim destroyed their own planet and came to Khera and settled it, subjugating the Titanthropes natives, then slowly accepting them as second-class citizens.

Later they encountered the Deamonites and started a millennias long war with them which ended toward the end of the 20th century with their victory.

Kherans are a warrior race with strong emphasis in hand-to-hand combat and an honor system. They have a political system where various parties vie for power.

While preferring bladed weapons in combat, Kherans are technologically highly advanced. They own armies of androids and spaceships capable of interstellar flights. They are capable of inscribing knowledge in the form of organic molecules, which when injected into the bloodstream downloads that knowledge straight into the brain. They are capable of manipulating the laws of chance and, using their Dream Engine, to turn dreams and thoughts into reality.

Source: Jim Lee, WildC.A.Ts #1 (1992) and later.

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