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Planet of origin: Mazone Homeworld (somewhere in a now dead galaxy further away than Andromeda from the Milky Way)
An ancient intergalactic civilisation of highly advanced vegetal
sentient lifeforms.
While they can change their shape and meld with some other more primitive vegetal lifeforms, most mazones look like thin women with a white skin and long flowing green hair. While they can breathe underwater and lay dormant for untold ages under cold climate, Intense heat makes them burst in flame. Unless harmed, Mazones have incredibly long lifespans and a possibly immortal.

Mazones can reproduce either by germination from a seed or by budding (in the only recorded example of these, the "mother" was in a tate of dormancy. It is not kwown if active mazones can reproduce this way). Some examples of sexuate reproduction with members of other species have been reported but in the absence of further examination, this could be camouflaged budding. Either by choice or for bological imperatives - it remains unknown - they can enter period of dormance that can last for several million years during which time they meld along the regular flora. There is evidence that they either can also manipulate lower plant forms or have at their disposal some more primitive species to do their biddings, like was demontrated on the Antarean/Juran/Nibelung homeworld where giant plants litteraly wiped out the local population under the control of the Mazones. The exact nature of these thralls remains unclear.
Although each Mazone is a complete individual, their social structure seems follow the structure of a hive, with everyone following blindly the wills of their charismatic and undisputed leader, Queen Lafressia. Their use of the word "Queen" seems to refer more to its Hive definition than to that of a monarchic leader, as there appears to be no nobility around her, only the military hierarchy of which she seems to be the ultimate commander.
Mazones settled in several galaxies of the Local Group and installed seeding plants on several worlds and influenced (or as they claim, created) the evolution of the lifeforms they felt was better suited to take care of the planet as they flet it should be. Among such world are Earth in theMilky Way and Tokarga in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud (the Third Galaxy). Mankind and the Tokargans are supposedly examples of mazone-bred cattle lifeforms. Mazone Seeding plants are usually recognizable from the outside by their Pyramid shapes. The pyramids, though, are only gateways to pocket universes with their own physical laws, whch are filled with Mazone seeds in suspension in nutrient fluids, waiting to be brought to the real world to germinate.
Mazones in the Solar System were known to be active on Venus and Earth some
80 000 000 years ago. A black sphere beacon set to land on Earth in 2977 is equipped with the necessary equipment to emit a signal to awaken the dormant Earth Mazone population. They might have have other awakened period in between, but as Mazone individuals have a tendancy to meld with the human population, this information remains unknown and undocumented.
The Mazones possess a base on Venus, and on Earth in the Bermuda Triangle. Some other Mazone sites include the Nile Valley, the Amazone and the Asian South-west.

SOurce: Leiji Matsumoto, Space Pirate Captain Harlock

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animekritik a dit…

Can you help me out? Some places in the Net say the Mazones are from Andromeda, other places say from near Andromeda. Which one is it? I remember Maetel and the mechanical people in Galaxy Express 999 are from Andromeda!

qosmiq a dit…

The french version of the manga says they are from a region of space beyond Andromeda that is believed to be totally empty but where further observations allow to detect the remains of a dead galaxy.
So thery are not from the Andromeda galaxy but the trajectory of their fleet toward Earth originates from the Andromeda direction