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Planet of Origin: Cinrus

Cinrusskin are sentient insectoid empaths who are member of the same interstellar civilisation at some point in the future. They are extremely fragile; their six legs are long, bony and pencil-thin with many joints, and their four arms end in tiny manipulatory "hands". They have four large iridescent wings, not quite atrophied, and prefer to hover when eating.

Their conversation consists of trills, clicks and buzzes; their mouths are beak-like, and their eyes large and triple-lidded. Although their exoskeletal bodies look awkward they move quickly. They can cling to walls and ceilings, or fly if necessary, but they have very little stamina. Because they are so fragile they are very cautious around others.

Their main defensive weapon is a powerful empathic ability, which lets them know what those around them are feeling. This has a down-side, in that unpleasant emotions such as anger or pain affect Cinrusskin severely, causing them to tremble and feel faint. However, they are experts at making those around them feel good; they are kind, considerate and friendly, always polite and non-controversial, lying if necessary to make people happy. This makes them very popular, and those who know them are extremely protective.

Sources: James White, novels of the Sector General Universe

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