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Planet of Origin: Boazan, the eighth planet of a star cluster which is said to be the seat of the Boazanian Star Empire (Empire of the Horn). In this planet lies the great imperial court that houses all the executive functions of the Empire. Due to the liberal reign of Makron XII, a deceased Baozanian emperor, the planet was able to avoid becoming a mechanized city. During Makron XII's time, Boazan remained a natural world and retained much of its natural life support systems. The planet was divided into feudal zones and sectors. Each member of the nobility had his own administrative function. They also appear in the imperial court from time to time. Boazan has an estimated population of fifteen trillion.

Society : Humanoid civilisation that developed an interstellar empire. The populace is divided into two classes namely the horned and the non-horned. The characteristic of having horns signifies a higher-class status. Such a horned individual enjoys the rights and privileges enjoyed by the nobility. While the non-horned are treated as slaves and should be subservient. The individuals without horns are not free. They are not allowed to have property or other possessions. They cannot marry unless their masters give them permission. These slaves perform 97.3 percent of all manual labor. Most work comprise of agricultural duties but others also work as servants, messengers, and clerks. Boazan is self sufficient but very few industries related to machineries and technology are developed. Thus, Boazania had to rely on imports. However, Boazanina primarily offers many resorts and other entertainment facilities. Its a vacation spot with a rating of 83%, an ideal tourist planet.
History: The emergence of Boazan as a stellar invader came during the reign of Hakkor IV. The development of rocket propulsions enabled the Boazanians to reach many other worlds. But plans for the explorations of space were shelved due to impracticality.
The so-called intra-stellar drive was perfected during the later years of Hakkornian rule. Although still slow and crude, the utilization of Generation ships were affected due to the growing Boazanian population. And it would take decades to reach the next stellar systems. Old Boazanians would have to die while others will give birth to new Boazanians during the journey. But upon the invention of the interstellar drive, a drive powered by light converted into electromagnetic propulsion, everything in Boazan changed.
However, there was a setback. The chrono-spatio development was not applicable to arms and weaponry. So, the Boazanians developed more conventional weapons, progressing along the lines of atomics and nucleic weaponry. Eons ahead of Earth in terms of technology, Boazan's military forces were more sophisticated and prevailing.
The Beast Fighters was the apex of the Boazanians' war efforts. These massive machines are cybernaut warriors that could come to life upon the transplantation of Boazanian minds into the robotic computers. The Beast Fighters made Boazan a great threat to any civilization in the galaxy. A destructive military force in Boazan supported the imperial explorations.
The Galactic Center was finally brought under Boazan's imperial rule. And in the year 2094, Boazan reached the periphery of the Galactic Center where Earth was the first of the outer worlds assaulted. The Imperial war officials supposed planet earth as the easiest to subjugate.
However, this was not the case and the Earth force later led the fight back to Boazan, allied themselves with the local revolutionary forces and to helped the enslaved hornless population to overthrow the aristocratic regime.
Sources: Tadao Nagahama, Voltes V
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the Wikipedia article from which most text and informations were litteraly scavenged: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltes_V

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