dimanche 10 juin 2007


A black rectangular shape, from 12 to 15 meters in height by 60 to 76 meters in lenght. Its interior is composed of cellulose compressed to an incredible extent and can witstand struscutral stress of several tons per square centimetre. Its exterior is a cellulose/silicon polymere coating that is able to convert kinetic energy in potential energy and to convert it according to its need. The composition of this skin somehow allows the visitor to manipulate gravitic flux either for attraction or repulsion. The visitors reproduces by budding and are able to modify their offspring’s structure so they will better adapt to their new environment. They are also able to modificy theur structure to extend thin prehensile tentacles to bring other creature inside them in order to communicate with them telephatically.

The Visitors came to Earth toward the end of the 20th century.

Source : Clifford D. Simak, The Visitors

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