vendredi 8 juin 2007


Planet of Oirigin: Barm / Baam / Valeria / Birdstar Humanoids with feathered wings who developped a space faring civilisation. Their planet was destroyed and they came to the Soalr System in the early 21st century in an asteroid ark with the goal of negotiating the purchase of land to emigrate to. Unfortunately, during the negotiations, the Barmian’s leader, Leon, was assassinated by his second in command, Olban, and the delegation from Earth was framed for the murder. In the ensuing chaos, Doctor Isamu Ryūzaki of the Earth delegation was shot and killed. Shortly after the disastrous end of the talks, the Barmians began a campaign of terror against Earth, lead by Leon’s son, Admiral Richter, who deployed a variety of robotic war machines against the planet’s defenses. After much fighting, peace was finally signed.

Earlier, in 2013 (as shown in COmbattler V), the Baamian Cosmobird had come to Earth for help as her homeworld was threatened by the Kyanbel (See Kyanbel), which leads to believe that the destruction of Baam is the result of Kyanbel aggression.

Source: Tosho Daimos (and COmbattler V)

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