mercredi 15 octobre 2008


Planet of origin: Colu (Yod), the only inhabitable planet of its solar system and is the fourth planet from its sun in the suburbs of the Magellanic Clouds. With polar ice caps and a few desert, it is mostly a temperate world with its surface covered half by land and half by water. Its capital is Metaire and most of its population resides in urban areas.

The Coluans appear as green-skinned humanoids with exceptionally long lifespans and very high intellectual capacities, both said to be due to genetic manipualtions. Living in a technologically highly advanced society with space faring capacity, They developed a computer network to run their world. The system developed sentience and took over complete control of the planet. The Coluans were under the rule of these Computer Tyrants for millenia until the end of the twentieth century. After their liberation from the Tyrants by one of their scientists, they prefered theoretical research to experimentation. But, accustomed to the rule of the Tyrants, stagnated in both fields.

Source: DC Universe "Legion of Superheroes", "Legion", "Legionnaires"

Colu uses its shrinking technologyto make maximum use of its surface area.

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