samedi 18 octobre 2008


Planet of origins: Khundia, a planet perpetually eclipsed by its moon, making it a dark and dreary world, in a star system close to Polaris.
The Khund s are a very aggressive humanoid species ressembling humans with larger and more muscular build and magenta skin. They had spacefaring technology by the end of the twentieth century. Choking on its own dense population, their homeworld has become totally overrun by a mentality of total militarism and violence.
Along with the Dominators and the Gil Dishpans, They were members of an interstellar alliance that planned an invasion of Earth toward 1988-89.After this attmpt failed, they retreated to their homeworld and battled among themselves over the responsability of their failure. It took them over a thousand years before threatening Earht again.
Notes: Khunds share a lot of ressemblance with Star Trek's Klingons.
Source: DC Universe, "Invasion", "Adventure Comics Vol 1 346" (July 1966)

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