lundi 13 octobre 2008


Planet of origin: Dazaan (one million LY from Earth)
Dazaans are an aggressive highly advanced humanoids whose world has suffered a grave ecological disaster and whose atmosphere has been saturated with poisonous gas. Their bodies have suffered horrific mutations that make them physically horrible. And that is why we are trying to take energy Takeshi only because it will establish acceptable living conditions on their planet.
Toward the end of the twentieth century, they conquered planet Appolon in the hope of getting a powerful source of energy the Appolonians had developed in order to regenerate their world. They tehn turned toward Earth where the key of how to operate the power source had been hidden. In the end, Dazaan was regenerated but its oppressing ruling class was decimated. Source: [UFO戦士ダイアポロン] UFO Senshi Diapolon (UFO Diapolon) - TBS Toukyou Housou , Eiken Tokyo Agency / www. (thanks for the picture)

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