mercredi 15 octobre 2008


Planet of Origin: Thanagar, a planet is in orbit around the star Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris, 430 LY from Earth). Four fifths of the planet is covered in water.
The thanagarians are humanoid, and close to Homo sapiens in general appearance. They evolved into a unified highly advanced spacefaring technological society, with no obvious civil or political unrest. War and crime was rare and virtually non-exsistent ever since the early days of the planets existence. In the 1960ies, following an artificical alien plague that temporarily robbed most of the population from their individuality, the Thanagarians lost much of their science and technology and, suffering from cultural shock and under alien influence, reestablished ithemselves into a more expansionnist civilisation. They began conquering other planets and stripping them of their natural resources and bringing back a number of inhabitants to Thanagar as slaves. The slave class was over 3 billions by the end of the twentieth century. Aliens and Thanagarians alike, were living in "Downside" ghettos, while the Thanagarians nobles lived in floating cities above where poverty, crime, and suffering were virtually unheard of.
Central to Thanagarian technology is the use of Nth Metal, Nth, an hyperconductive transuranic iron (atomic number of 676), possessing innate anti-magical properties, and able to invert mesons and gravitons.
Thanagar was one of the planets which united to invade Earth in 1988-1989. The planet remains on hostile terms with most of other civilisation it has been in contact with. Source: DC Universe, "Brave and the Bold" Vol 1 #34

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