dimanche 9 février 2014


Planet of Origin: Supposedly a planet orbiting the star Antares.
Antarians are a sentient non-humanoid species which has developed an highly advanced technological civilisation. The look like man-sized gelatinous cylinders with a spherical protuberance at its top with two antennas which can emit deadly rays. They possess some kind of ethereal shell whih protects them from harm, emit anti-matter particles and allows them to travel thourhg space faster than the speed of light.
Source: Beyond Infinity, by Nat Schachner Aka Chan Corbett, in Astounding Stories, Jan 1937.
The story tells of a series of invasion that befell Earth starting in 3195, as the universe unexpectedly starts to collapse on itself and the surviving species rush toward the worlds who are still unaffected by the phenomenon to delay their extinction. The Antarian were the third and last of a a wave of invaders, arriving on Earth in 3326, shortly before humanity's survivors found a way to project themselves outside the dying universe and into the next.

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