vendredi 21 février 2014


Planet of Origin: Saturn
The Saturnians are a peaceful humanoid species which developed a highly advanced civilisation. It remains unknown if the species originated in the Saturnian sub-system, as conditions do not seem to allow such carbon-based lifeforms to develop there naturally, but have lived there for a time, being able of feats of planetary engineering such as building the Saturn's rings which they use to affect the gravitic conditions of their ecosphere as well as an interstellar communication system.
Men of Saturn action figures where commercialised in the sixties. Their story was told at the back of their blisterpack: 
Saturn is the most beautiful of all planets. Its symetrical rings give it a matchless grace and there is nothing else like them anywhere else in the Solar system. Constructed and placed in orbit by the Elders, milleniums ago, they give the people of Saturn complete mastery over the force of gravity on their planet. Thus, all work is done by perpetual motion and men can fly above their world in great machines tuned to the frequency of the rings. Freed from manual labor, the men of Saturn have developed great wisdom and the wisest among them is Xodiac. It is said of him that he can tune his Staff to play upon the great rings; the music of ther spheres resounding throughout the universe; to be heard by wise men everywhere.
Source: Mel Birnkrant, The Outer Space Men – also known as the Colorform Aliens, 1968.

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