samedi 22 février 2014


Planet of Origin: Uranus
The Uranians are highly advanced humanoids who have developed a peaceful space faring civilisation dedicated to accumulating knowledge. 
Men of Uranus action figures where commercialised in the sixties. Their story was told at the back of their blisterpack:
From the barren mountains of Uranus, great waves of thought reach out through the blackness of outer space probing the universe. Thus, Orbiton and the men of Uranus search the stars seeking the lost knowledge of the Ancient Ones. On great ships they travel to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Able to read the minds of men, they have collected the knowledge of a thousand worlds, and yet they go on searching in a never ending quest to learn that which it has been ordained no man shall ever know.
Source: Mel Birnkrant, The Outer Space Men – also known as the Colorform Aliens, 1968.

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