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Planet of Origin: A planet in the Scoprio Cluster.
Scorpio are vaguely pink skinned highly intelligent insectoid humanoid sentient species with powerful psionic abilities including slight precognition and telepathy on an interstellar range. they have developed an highly advanced civilisation. Their life cycle includes at least two stages. Nothing is known about the first one, neither their shape nor if they are even sentient while it last. The passage to ther other state is made through cocooning and metamorphosis  during which they grow into their pink humanoid form.  This evolved form is let alone to make its way in life by itself without any social support from other of its kind apart from the gift of a Projector Vest left to the cocooning form, a device which enables it interstellar range teleportation.
Action figures of Scorpio weere commercialy released in 1968 as parto f the Major Matt Mason toyline. The following legend was given:
Scorpio's Cocoon snapped open and he tumbled onto the dry sands of his planet in the star cluster Scorpio. Although Scorpio would never know his parents as Earht children would, he was prepared to face anything from the moment of his birth. His keen mind would sense danger before it appeared. The strangeelectornic cells in his brain were programmed like computers. All the information he required came instantly!
He opened his eyes, and the began to flash ! he realized he could read minds! Suddenly a sharp sound-thought screamed into his brain. It was a call from a far-away galaxy. Scorpio's next sensation was the soft kiss of stardust, the whisper of space, as he blasted out and away from his home. The new planet where Scorpio landed was totally unexplored. Strangely, though, he could sense another presence. Quickly he strapped his vest projector. But before he could gather his search globes, he saw the alien. It was Major MATT MASON. Scorpio' senses told him that this was the creature that had called hi,. This must be a friend! Without a word, Scorpio turned and followed Major MATT MASON into a world of adventure!
Source: Mattel's Major Matt Mason toy line, Keith Meyer's The Space Station: Major Matt Mason's HQ for Scorpio's legend. Please visit him HERE!

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