samedi 30 mai 2009


The Hari are a now extinct advanced species that developed a Slower-than-light space travel. They expanded into space taking only as many of their own as were necessary. Once they found a suitable world, they reproduced quickly and consumed all available natural resources before going to the next fresh worlds, taking only a select few and leaving a barren wasteland behind them.
They expanded as an Empire in what is known as the Hari Sector, a portion of space now filled with lifeless worlds as a result of the Hari's relentless consumption of natural resources.
The inability of the Hari to travel or communicate at faster than light speed, combined with the political instability inherent in a system of leadership and governance based on assassination, made the Hari easy prey. The Hari were completely annihilated in a war with the Kilrathi in the 25 century.
Source: Wing COmmander Universe.

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