jeudi 28 mai 2009


Planet of Origin: Kapteyn 5, the fifth planet orbiting the Kapteyn's Star.
Over sixty intelligent species occupy many terrestrial and aquatic ecological niches on Kapteyn 5. The main Kapteynian species, which acts as negotiators and messengers between the others are avians. They are a metre and a half tall, with hard and dark bodies, wings, and beaked, large-eyed faces. Some are known to have psychokinetic powers.
They were conquered by the Caxtarids who enslaved the majority of the sixty sentient species that lived there, but exterminated four of the others and made deals with another eight. They also introduced a tribute system in which a percentage of the survivors were handed over, to be eaten or used as slaves.
Source: Doctor Who universe, Virgin New Adventures novel The Room with No Doors, by Kate Orman.

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