vendredi 22 mai 2009


Planet of Origin: Darama, a cold climate world, in the Milky Way galaxy
The Highbreed are an aggressive sentient bipedal species which developped and advances civilisation. They consider themselves as the highest life-form in the universe, believing that they were the first race to exist, and that all other races are vermin. They are determined to cleanse the universe of all races except themselves. They use the hybrid drones called DNAliens to do their menial work to avoid as much contact with other life-forms as possible.

The Highbreed are tall humanoid beings with white skin, four eye-like marks on their torsos, black hands and feet, fold-out wings on their back, and purple faces with four red eyes and no distinguishable mouth. Despite their arrogance they are unarguably very powerful and dangerous. They have remarkable physical strength and can even overpower aliens larger then themselves. Their fingertips can be fired like darts and quickly regenerate. They can open their chests and use appendages within to bring water up from deep underground. They do not operate well in warm climates, and quickly dehydrate when deprived of water. Their disgust of other lesser beings is not their only reason for cleansing the galaxy; generations of inbreeding have rendered the Highbreed sterile and extremely vulnerable to illness, and as a result their species is at the brink of extinction, though they do not wish to die alone. Being infused with DNA from random aliens at the beginning of the 21st century put an end to their extinction and brought them to a more peaceful attitude toward other species.
Source: Ben 10 universe

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