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Planet of Origin: Vulcan a red planet orbiting the star 40 Eridani A, 16 light years from Earth. A desertic and mountainous world, It is hotter and has a stronger surface gravity and a thinner atmosphere than Earth. It has been speculated that Vulcan could have been a planet settled by colonists or survivors of the planet Arret, a world originally Earth-like whose atmosphere was ripped away by a cataclysmic war fought half a million years ago (TOS "Return to Tomorrow").
Vulcans are a sentient humanoid species outrageously similar in appearance to humans - and are in face even genetically compatible with them. They have pointed ears and arched and upswept eyebrows. Although similary shaped, they are physically three times stronger, faster and longer-lived than humans, being known loo live over 200 years. Although ominovre by nature, they are vegetarians and are immune to the effects of alcohol, but become inebriated by ingesting chocolate. Being naturally very emotional people, Vulcans try to suppress emotions through mental discipline because of the damage they can cause if unchecked. About every seven years, Vulcans experience an overpowering mating drive known as pon farr. Vulcans must then have sexual contact with someone, preferably their mate, or face insanity and death. Without a mate available, Vulcans may survive by either deep meditation, violence or extreme shock. Most vulcans have contact-based telephathic abilities and can mind meld with most other species. Some have even been able to "cheat the grave" by implanting their katra, essentially their living essence or spirit, into an object or another person via a form of mind-meld just prior to death. Cases have been known of a vulcan successfully transferring his essence into a "katric ark" which remained hidden for 1,800 years.
Vulcan blood is copper-based and is copper- or rust-colored when deoxygenated in the veins and green when oxygenated in the arteries. Bruises and dermal abrasions therefore take on a green color. Vulcan body chemistry uses little, if any, sodium chloride compared to that of Humans. They are most comfortable in high temperatures. They can survive for several days without water and have inner eyelids which protect their eyes. They have a superior metabolism to Humans. Caffeine and sapotoxins have little effect on them. They are also capable of surviving for long durations without food or sleep. Under stress, Vulcans can do without sleep for weeks.
CIRCA the 4th century AD, civil wars and chaos were stopped by the philosopher Surak who preached the Great Awakening, the suppression of emotions in favor of logic. Much of Vulcan philosophies emerged from this period. Although most vulcans accepted Surak's message as the only way to put an end to the violence that was destoying their society, some opposed it, which lead to a nuclear war, of which Surak himself became a victim. In the end, those separatists were forced to leave the planet and would eventually resettle on Romulus, a world near Epsilon Phoenicis, some 140 light years form Earth, and become known as the Romulans. It would not be until the 20th century before the two groups meet again when a war erupted between the two groups circa 1994, that would last until 2044.
Around the same time, Vulcans made first contact with the Andorians. Although promising, their relations soured in time, turning to cold war, threatening both sides of mutual annihilation.
In 1957, Vulcans came to the solar system, witnessing the launch of Sputnik I, Earth's first artificial satellite. Their ship subsequently crashed on the planet, marooning the surviving crew members for a number of months in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. This trus first contact between Humans and Vulcans was never recorded as such as the Humans which stayed unaware of the alien nature of their guests. One Vulcan, Mestral, fascinated by humanity, chose to remain on Earth. To this day, his fate is unknown. It is not before April 5, 2063, that Vulcans and Humans made official first contact following the successful test of Earth's first warp-powered starship.; and in May of 2154, the Vulcan High Command considered a proposal for Vulcans and Humans to conduct joint space exploration missions. On August 12, 2161, Vulcan became one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.
Source: Star Trek, Wikipedia article on Vulcans

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