samedi 23 mai 2009


Planet of Origin: Altair IV, fourth planet orbiting the star Alpha Aquilae, or Altair, 16.7 light-years (98 trillion miles) from our Sun, is a rocky, terrestrial world. It supports Earth-like life due to its high-oxygen & nitrogen atmosphere, with a gravity slightly less than Earth's.
The Krell reached a stage of technological and scientific development so advanced that they were able to construct a machine with virtually unlimited power, a machine that turned their thoughts into reality, and enabled the Krell to eliminate instrumentality. The machine gave physical form and life to their Id. Combined with the power of their machine, the unbridled emotions of their Ids were able to eradicate the entire Krell race. This happened two thousand centuries ago.
The Krell are believed to have been frog-like in nature with two long legs and a big tail.
Source:1956 science fiction film, "Forbidden Planet"; 1979 CINEFANTASTIQUE Magazine Double-Issue (Volume 8 - Number 2 & Volume 8 - Number 3) MAKING FORBIDDEN PLANET - By Frederick S. Clarke and Steve Rubin
Note: The first picture shown here is of the Krell Machine. The second one shows a Krell door, it's shape tells a lot about the Krell's size and shape.

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