mercredi 20 janvier 2010


Planet of Origin: Melmac, which was destroyed in the 1980ies, leaving but a few survivors.
Melmacians are a species of short-statured sapients of omnivorous mammalianoid, furry bipedals with dense, usualy brown fur covering their entire bodies, except for their faces, they have large feet and four-fingered hands. They have a lifespan of around 650 years. By the inclusion of a plant called the Carl Shrub in their diet, Melmacians are also immune to infectious disease. Their blood is green-colored and they have ten major organs in their bodies, eight of which are stomachs. When a Melmacian eats excessively, instead of getting fatter like most species, they get denser. Eating enormous quantities of food might be extremely dangerous, as it puts them at risk of physical implosion. If a Melmacian spends too much time without eating enough, they will partially lose their sense of reality and start regressing to a hunter state, searching for food in the wilds.
Melmacians have developed an advanced space faring civilisation.
Source: Alf

* Gordon Shumway, more commonly known by his nickname, ALF, was one of the survivors of the great catastrophe that befell the planet Melmac. He made it to Earth and lived with a Human family for a few years in the 1980s.
* Skip was a male Melmacian who was another survivor of the destruction of Planet Melmac.
* Rhonda was a female Melmacian who was another survivor of the destruction of Planet Melmac.

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