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Planet of Origin: Tholia (Tholis)
The Tholiansare an extremely xenophobic, non-humanoid hermaphroditic silicon based species with a propensity for precision who developed a space faring civilisation as of the 22nd century.
They are living mineral formations with their cells being mostly crystalline although they are believed to contain a fluid medium which carries out metabolic processes. Their skins are mostly faceted with each Tholian seemingly bearing a unique color scheme with an infinite variety of tones being present amongst them.
They breathe through a form of anaerobic respiration with a methane-chlorine mixture being used. While their cells' functions resemble those of humanoid cells, Tholian cells contain an electrical charge in each cell nucleus. The Tholians also possess some form of electromagnetic organnelle within their bodies.
Tholians are approximately the same height as a Human and are incased in an exoskeleton. They have six thin legs that makes it possible for the being to move in any direction quickly; the legs are articulated with joints roughly corresponding to the knee and ankle of humanoid species. Each leg ends in a multi-toed foot. The legs are attached at the base of the torso and are radially symmetric. There are two arms; each has joints analogous to the humanoid elbow and wrist, and each arm ends in a multi-fingered hand. They have no neck but two glowing spots near the top of their torso. They turn these to face individuals with whom they interact, which suggests they have some sort of information-gathering organ. Tholians have two sexes, but each individual had both sets of sexual organs. They exist at high temperatures – in excess of 450 Kelvin (177 °C, 350 °F). They can tolerate lower temperatures for a brief period of time; if they are exposed to too low temperatures, their carapace cracks. In temperatures even lower, a Tholian would freeze solid and shatter.
The Tholians possess a form of networked intelligence in addition to their sentience as individuals. Whilst they do share their memories between generations or familial structures, the process did not create a "hive mind". They also possess a kind of shared memory archive for their species known as the Lattice.
Tholians are naturally able to emit various forms of radiation, which they can modulate to communicate over short distances but they communicate primarily through a series of clicks and chirps.
The head governmental unit of the Tholians is the Tholian Assembly. During the mid-22nd century, the Vulcans had limited contact with the Assembly. Contact with the Tholians over the next century would be sporadic but aggressive and territorial. Tholians rarely advanced very far from their home system, and are known to kill outsiders caught trespassing in their territory. They were also known to frequently annex surrounding systems outside of the Assembly, to further isolate their territory.
Source: Star Trek: (ENT: "Future Tense", "In a Mirror, Darkly"; TOS: "The Tholian Web"; DS9: "For the Cause"; TNG: "Captain's Holiday")

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