jeudi 14 janvier 2010


Planet of Origin: Talos III (Note: This might be an hommage or a reference to the 1964 Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage", which takes place on Talos IV)
Talosians are a sexuate humanoid species who are believed to have developed interstellar space travel as of the 21st century.
At least some of them possess shapeshifting abilities to some extent, being able to switch between two forms, a social one, which looks much like a regular human with green hair, and a hunting form. It remains unknown if they are able to turn into other forms, but upon being killed under hunting form, a talosian reverses to its social form, which leads to believe that the species has a lycanthropic nature rather than a true polymorphic one.
Source: Gerry Anderson, Space Precinct.

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