mercredi 6 janvier 2010


Planet of Origin: Raxacoricofallapatorius, a paradise planet with burgundy seas and four polar regions. Its twin planet is Clom.
Raxacoricofallapatorians are eight feet tall humanoids with long forearms and powerful claws who have developed a space faring civilisation as of the 20th century. Theyhave large blakc round eyes with a nictitating membrane instead of eyelids. Their highly-developed sense of smell makes them able to track a single target across a few city blocks. Females can produce poisons which they can use for attakc or defense. Known methods of delivery include a poisoned dart that is formed in the finger and then fired and exhalation of poisoned breath. Skin color can vary from green to orange.
They are vulnerable to acetic acid, which reacts explosively—and fatally—with their bodies. One of the Raxacoricofallapatorian methods of execution is the lowering of the condemned into a cauldron of acetic acid, which is then heated to boiling. The acidity of the solution is formulated to dissolve the skin, allowing the internal organs to drop into the liquid while the condemned is still alive, reducing them to "soup" and resulting in a slow and painful death.
They are known to disguise themselves by fitting into the skins of their victims, using compression fields created by a collar worn around their necks to squeeze their huge size into a slightly smaller space.
Source: Doctor Who

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