lundi 18 janvier 2010


Planet of Origin: Moorwen planet
The Moorwens are a race of non-sentient or possibly semi-sentient quadruped carnivors that were the main predators of planet Moorwen, a world with no sentient speceis. Due to the bombing of their planet and subsequent hunting down of survivors in the 8th century by Outlander settlers, they are extinct.
After the planet was settled by the Outlanders, a specimen who had managed to survive weecked havok before srowing away on a ship and causing it to crahsland on Earth amidst the Vikings of A.D. 709. It, and an offspring presumably born on Earth, were responsible for much death before being hunted to the caves where they lived by the surviving Outlander and a group of Vikings and killed. Moorwens can produce bioluminescence in most colors of the visible spectrum, most commonly red.This glowing is used to attract prey and seem also to portray feelings such as anger. They have thick skin resistant to fire and invulnerable to damage from common metals. They possess a have long, thin tails sharp enough to cut flesh, skin, bone, and some building materials. They are good swimmers and can hold their breath for a long time. Source: Outlanders Movie

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