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Planet of Origin: planet Zaran II, the second planet of the Byrdica/Zaran system.
The Zaranites are a mammalian humanoid species known to the Federation during the mid-23rd century. They are fluorine breathers, requiring them to wear gas masks and protective suits in Earth-like environments.
The Zaran are a hunting species, and the females are known to have psionic powers which enable them to attract males by arousing hormones in both sexes. The arousal of hormones means that a life-bond is formed between a couple. The Zaran were first encountered by humans in the 2070s, and soon came under the control of a group of humans known as the Totality. The jewelry they wore is made from horns of the Berbbotjahaa; the top part of the necklace indicates their family, while the bottom identifies each individual.
The Federation made its diplomatic first contact with this race in 2257.
Source: Star Trek

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