jeudi 29 décembre 2011


The Fearmonger is an alien entity which fed off fear and hatred. It itself does not stir up fear, but chose hosts capable of stirring up large amounts of fear and stays with them for long periods, moving on if the host died. In addition to feeding off of fear, it can unleash mental bursts of concentrated fear on attackers, rendering them permanently insane with fear. When not inhabiting a host, it was vulnerable to any metal that can ground it, as its body was made of electromagnetic energy. 
According to some stories, an unknown alien civilisation created several psychic entities (each one personifying an emotion such as fear, compassion, pride, and anger) to incite group emotions and thus unite their people. When the civilisation fell, the entities left for other worlds. The entity responsible for fear eventually made its way to Earth.
It shares a lot of traits and history of the Redjac.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (BFA: The Fearmonger)

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