samedi 31 décembre 2011


Planet : Aicha
Onteen are oviparous human-looking humanoids who developed a small space faring civilisation. They do not give birth to live young but lay eggs that incubate and later hatch. Onteen hatchlings, though able to free themselves and crawl out of their egg at at birth are still very vulnerable and small enough to fit into the cradled hands of an average humanoid hand. Onteen have a series of internal air bladders that can become blocked as a result of infection or as a reaction to injury.
At least one sect of Onteen faith refers to themselves as the "Children of Time", believing that those born of the egg are the Chosen of God. This faith centres around the worship the "Great Egg" and involves belief in concepts they refer to as the Great Journey, the Great Song. The Children of Time have a very strict religious prohibition against puncturing the body, believing that the soul will escape the body and allow a demon to take it's place. If this happens then the individual is either cast out or ritually put to death, an act that is considered to be an act of mercy as it is freeing the body from it's misery. Onteen have been known to be uncomfortable with egg-eating species.
Source: Babylon 5

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