mercredi 28 décembre 2011


" It looked like a giant, golden-brown spider, with a spherical body about the size of a large beach ball and legs that splayed out in all directions."

Planet of Origin: Beta Hydri 3
Forhilnor are a peaceful and religious vaguely arachnid six-legged, two-armed species which has developed an advanced space-faring civilisation using interstellar travel with “frozen sleep,” holographic projection at a distance, and super-advanced computers. They have contact with at least another species, the Wreeds from Delta Pavonis 2. Forhilnor 's DNA has 32 chromosomes.
Forhilnors have discovered that mass extinction has happened at the same time  (440, 365, 225, 210 et 65 millions years ago) on their homeworld, Delta Pavonis 2 and Earth and deduced that t the simultaneous sets of mass extinctions prove that not only has a Creator consciously designed the universe, this supranatural being intervenes in it on a large scale, apparently to promote the evolution of sentient life
Source: Robert J. Sawyer, Calculating God New York: Tor Books, 2000

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